Brand Safety First

Context Matters

To establish the right relationship with your consumers you need to engage with them in the right context. Project Agora brings targeted audiences in a premium local context that enhances the power of your message.

Safeguard Measures

We take our brand guardian role very seriously. We handpick the local publishers and we audit their inventory continuously to make sure it meets our high brand safety standards.

Inventory Dressed For Your Success

Targeted Audience Personas

At Project Agora we consolidate, normalize, enrich, package and expose premium local ad inventory in the way that fits your campaign’s needs: Sharply Targeted Audience Personas.

Better Targeting Means More Relevance

We can offer higher engagement and impact to your campaigns while increasing the ROI of your advertising spend. Simple isn’t it?

Content discovery by Taboola

Taboola is the leading content discovery network worldwide

We have implemented it in our network and we are offering it to advertisers CPC based, managed campaigns or self-served.

It raises the efficiency of the performance campaigns, used together with search and social campaigns, or provides quality traffic used separately.

A Big Good Lasting Impression

Stars In Their Eyes

Impactful Creative Formats are the single most important impact optimization mechanism you have. At Project Agora we make sure our publisher partners can support the most impactful widely used Rich Media, Video and Native formats across display and mobile to help you drive impact.

Sparkles Of Magic

We have been doing miracles to add our own sparkles of magic in our offering. Project Agora’s Magic Ad-Formats drive one of the highest rates of viewability, engagement and purchase intent uplift in the market. See our Magic Gallery here.

Automated Scale Meets Be-Spoke Flexibility


Project Agora is a targeted programmatic channel focused on helping advertisers to reach the right audience at the right time through their own Trading Solutions across brand safe sites in a scalable and automated way.

But Still Bespoke

  • Automation should not simply be for its own sake though. At Project Agora we undertake to help advertisers utilize the benefits of the marketplace in full to exceed the results they expect.
  • Preferred programmatic deals, development of custom audiences and even managed campaigns, are helping remove the distinction between technology and service in order to create a preferred way of doing business.

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