Wanna Feel the Magic?

Project Agora’s Magic Ad-Formats drive one of the highest rates of viewability, engagement and purchase intent uplift in the market.

  • Reap the benefits of Video Advertising
  • Boost your Marketing ROI
  • Score on your Brand engagement KPIs

Why InArticle?

  • Your Brand at the center of consumers’ attention
  • Evokes the modern viewers’ curiosity
  • Track true engagement with a multitude of metrics
  • Politely Impactful & Inherently Viewable

See it in action here.

Why VertiGo?

VertiGo Horizontal
VertiGo Light
  • Reach consumers with a Mobile first approach
  • Adapt advertising to a native mobile behavior, vertical scrolling
  • Influence perceptions and impact behavior with a fully immersive Video Experience
  • Entertain & connect emotionally to viewers with mobile video storytelling

Feel the VertiGo here:
- VertiGo
- VertiGo horizontal
- VertiGo light

Why StoryBoard?

  • Interactive Brand Storytelling Canvas with Performance elements
  • Easy to Navigate by allowing users to engage with swiping gestures
  • Cross Screen use of videos and images to multiply the Brand impact
  • Multiple call to action elements to induce different actions

See it in action here.

Why MagicGravity?

  • Largest Creative Canvas for Maximum Impact!
  • Immersive Real Estate on the Homepage of Hand-Picked Properties
  • User Friendly Loading only when Visible
  • Communicate with Consumers through a Native Video Experience

Experience it here.