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06 May 2019

Stop making ads. Start telling stories!

Project Agora brings New Rules of Ad Engagement! Project Agora launches Magic Flip and Magic Quiz, two new, exclusive ad-experiences. Magic Flip and Magic Quiz come in a Cost per Engagement (CPE) pricing model challenging traditional online advertising to encourage brands to stop making mass, static ads and start telling stories in a way that is

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20 Apr 2015

GroupM is looking to reset digital advertising’s balance

Happy to read that the very premise of Project Agora is becoming common practice. Private exchanges enable publishers to adapt to online advertising’s automated overhaul while keeping control over who advertises on their sites and at what price. We’re not going to lose volume, not going to lose scale, we’re going to upgrade quality.


19 Dec 2014

Adrian Motirlichie: «Project Agora creates value that is tangible & measurable»

Adrian Motirlichie, Business Development Director of TailWind in Romania, talked with about the launch of Project Agora. What follows is the english version of the interview: On December 1st, Project Agora was officially launched in Romania and Greece. What are the benefits it brings to advertisers? Adrian Motirlichie: P


01 Dec 2014

Habemus Project Agora!

TailWind, the specialized company of TDG in Programmatic Trading and Ad-Tech Solutions & Preferred Partner of AppNexus in CEEMEA, announces the launch of Project Agora in Greece & Romania, in collaboration with some of the leading local publishers and broadcasters. Project Agora is a brand-safe advertising marketplace with premium inv