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04 Dec 2018

Tempo OMD, Nissan & Project Agora add an impactful social twist to display advertising

Project Agora launched Social Cards, its newest ad format, with Tempo OMD/Nissan as the official launch partner. Social Cards, are mobile first ad formats which enable advertisers to amplify their social media campaigns and engage their audience in a new and impactful way using their existing social content. Through Social Cards, brands can g

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19 Dec 2014

Adrian Motirlichie: «Project Agora creates value that is tangible & measurable»

Adrian Motirlichie, Business Development Director of TailWind in Romania, talked with about the launch of Project Agora. What follows is the english version of the interview: On December 1st, Project Agora was officially launched in Romania and Greece. What are the benefits it brings to advertisers? Adrian Motirlichie: P


01 Dec 2014

Habemus Project Agora!

TailWind, the specialized company of TDG in Programmatic Trading and Ad-Tech Solutions & Preferred Partner of AppNexus in CEEMEA, announces the launch of Project Agora in Greece & Romania, in collaboration with some of the leading local publishers and broadcasters. Project Agora is a brand-safe advertising marketplace with premium inv