Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Inventory

More Demand Sources Than You Can Manage

Project Agora brings together hundreds of local, regional and international advertisers that come through the widest mix of open and closed loop demand channels. From local niche networks to major international ones we have them all seamlessly integrated and normalized to compete for your own inventory so that you can focus on your premium direct sales and content creation activities.

Optimized to your Needs

Project Agora breaks down your inventory into tiny granular pieces to be able to apply hundreds of self-learning testing and optimization techniques to each one of them individually. So instead of optimizing on an average basis we are applying data science to your benefit so that you don't leave your revenue generating activities to the average Joe.

A publisher’s dream come true

Project Agora takes the complexity out of remnant inventory monetization by providing a seamless integration procedure, a simple to use and understand interface to help you customize our solution to your needs, detailed reporting so that you can track the uplift and a dedicated team of experts to answer every question you may have.

Law & Order

Aligned Interests

Project Agora is on a mission and we are into this fight for the local publisher together. The more we win, the more the local publishers and the local ecosystem wins and that motivates us to come to work every morning.


Project Agora in addition to the meticulous filtering we do ourselves, allows full control of advertisers, industry verticals and technical attributes you want allowed or blocked so that you can always have the final word on the ads that are placed on your inventory. All of this at a press of a button.


Project Agora is working on a fully transparent business model so you can see, measure and report the revenue uplift in real time terms. Let’s be clear, we are fed up of the greedy low-quality ad-networks, black-box mentality and small letters.

Inventory Dressed For Success

At Project Agora we make sure your inventory gets the right training and some Magic ingredients to perform. We consolidate, normalize, enrich, package and expose Publisher inventory across our partners in the way that the buyers are looking for it. Highly Engaging & performing.

Better Targeting Means Better eCPMs

In such a way we avoid channel conflict and we can offer over higher engagement and conversions to buyers, while boosting the eCPMs of their remnant inventory for publishers.

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